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WheatGrass Seed, Organic

WheatGrass Seed, Organic


Organic Wheatgrass Seed - High Vitamin, for juicing and cat grass


Wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Used for juicing, wheat grass is one the healthiest things you can put in your body, and most closely resembles our own blood plasma. Being an extremely effective antioxidant, wheatgrass is used in cancer treatments, and has a strong alkalizing and detoxifying affect. For humans, juicing is always recommended over eating it, but for our furry friends, small amounts of wheat grass can aid in digestion for cats and dogs when eaten.

Pro Tips:


Growing wheatgrass comes down to environment, adequate air circulation is key.  It grows amazingly well in coco coir, and you can add in some azomite to bump up the mineral content of the grass, which makes it a little sweeter when juiced! 

  • About our Seed

    All of our seed are always untreated, so no chemicals or preservatives - and always NON-GMO. They're also stored in a sterile, temperature controlled environment. Perfect for growing microgreens, sprouting, or in your garden.

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