If you like a peppery, spicy kick, you will LOVE micro arugula!  Think full grown flavor on steroids.  Arugula is also high in Vitmain K and Folate, while also containing notable amounts of calcium and protein. 

Arugula is a quick grower as a microgreen in warm temperatures - germination under cover (in the dark) in 2-3 days, and typically 7-9 days until it's ready for harvest.  Add a couple more days germination time and maybe week longer until maturity when grown in cooler environment (55 degrees and under).  

In cooler grow space temps, arugula micros can last for weeks in the grow tray where others tend to fight for space and die out.  A colder grow environment and full spectrum lighting will also bring out leaf color as the plant matures. 

Seeded at about 7 grams of seed in a 10x10" tray

Germinated 4-5 days under dark cover , then exposed to light

About 7 days from seeding, maybe 2-3 more days until harvest

Leaf colors filling in when grown in cooler temps


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