Red Garnet Amaranth

Red garnet amaranth is a beautiful microgreen!  When grown to maturity, it has large deep red foliage, with new growth leaves used similar to spinach.  As a microgreen it takes on similar flavor and nutritional qualities as beet. It has a mild earthy taste, and is packed with Vitamin C.  Amaranth is also a high antioxidant and detoxifying plant.


Amaranth is a fast grower in warmer temps (65+ degrees) and usually takes 6-8 days to micro stage.  In cooler temps (48-55 degrees) it can take up to a week to germinate and up to three weeks to grow to micro stage.


Seed density will determine leaf size, as will soil composition and light source.  Warmer spectrum lighting will bring out the color even more vividly.   

Planted at a density of 5 grams of seed per 10"x10" tray

Germinated under cover for 4-5 days, and ready to be exposed to light

Mature and ready for harvest!  Planting less dense may yield a larger leaf


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