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Basil is a slightly more advanced plant to grow as a micro, but well worth the trouble! The flavors will vary from slightly sweet, and more potent than it's full grown counterpart, to hints of anise or lemon depending on the variety you choose to grow. 


The Seeds are mucilaginous, meaning they develop a gel like coating when wet (similar to chia), which often is mistaken for something gone wrong.  Basil will take longer to germinate than some, up to 5-6 days in warm temps, much longer in cooler temps.  Planted densely for microgreens, basil will only reach around an inch tall, and maturity times are very dependent on grow space temperature.  Average grow time is between 14-21 days.  


We actually suspend growing our micro basil at temperatures under 60 degrees because of how long they take to reach a harvestable stage.   

Genovese basil microgreens, ready for harvest, Great Northern Microgreens

Seeding pic coming soon!

Germination pic coming soon!

Opal basil microgreens (sprouts), Twin Cities, MN

Mature Opal basil, ready to harvest

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