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Borage microgreens, edible flowers, Minnesota

Borage is typically grown to maturity for it's pretty edible star shaped flowers, but it also makes for a tasty microgreen.  Its flavor profile is most similar to cucumber, with a slight tartness.  Loaded with vitamin C, A and iron, it's also a high nutrition plant, and is used for treating inflammation and depression.


We like to soak the seed overnight to help speed up germination, and then when planting, we'll cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil to help prevent fungus.  For us, Borage has been prone to getting some mold during germination in hot and humid growing conditions. 

Grow as a micro, or in your garden to full size for it's flowers.   

Seeding pic coming soon!

Germination pic coming soon!

Borage flower, edible flowers, Twin Cities

Mature edible Borage flower, a beautiful addition to salads and raw food dishes

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