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Become a New Age Farmer, and grow your own food!

Growing a portion of your own daily food can be a lot easier, and faster, then you've ever thought possible.  It's an activity that's rewarding on many levels, and provides an amazing sense of accomplishment!   Microgreens offer an opportunity for nearly instant gratification, and are also a wonderful teaching tool, as they sprout and change on a daily basis.


Our starter home grow kit is specifically designed with the novice urban farmer in mind:  

































Cost effective:  We've added nothing fancy to our kits, just the essentials for growing your microgreens.  No fancy packaging, no gimmicky systems, no costly add ins.  "Simple" means savings to you, and growing should be affordable for everyone.   
Easy:  No green thumb, no problem. Our kit, and microgreens in general, are designed for urban people with busy lives.  We include easy instructions, and your time commitment is minimal; just minutes per day.  Need more help, we have videos and FAQ on our site just in case.
Small foot print:  Our grow kit is designed to fit anywhere you call home.  In a studio apartment, dorm, office, semi truck; practically anywhere.  The tray is 10" by 10", and that's all the space you need. 
Sustainable:  The seeds and coco coir we use in our kits are responsibly sourced.  By utilizing coco as our grow medium, there's very little waste when growing your crops.  The coco is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and makes amazing compost. 
Yield:  The components included in your kit - seed, soil, trays - are exactly what we've used to grow microgreens commercially for years.  The seeds and coir are constantly fresh, and we know they'll grow because we're using them too.  You'll have food on the table in less than 2 weeks for most crops!
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