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Cilantro micro greens, Twin Cities, Great Northern Microgreens

Cilantro is AMAZINGLY tasty as a microgreen!  Slightly more advanced to grow, it's worth the effort and experimentation.  


Seeds (coriander) are generally soaked overnight prior to sowing, speeding up the germination process, which can take a week or longer depending on grow environment temperature.  We also cover these seeds with a layer of soil to help with more consistent germination and to reduce any potential mold or fungus while germinating.  Once exposed to light, it can be another 7-10 days for the plants to achieve microgreen stage.  Micro cilantro prefers a warm environment, and we typically suspend growing when the temps are below 60 in the grow space.   

Harvest by cutting and soaking the micros to remove any remaining seeds hulls, or simply pull them off before cutting.  

Seeding pic coming soon!

Germination pic coming soon!

Micro Cilantro, Great Northern Microgreens

Microgreen stage and ready to harvest

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