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Beet Microgreens ready to harvest, Great Northern Microgreens

Beet is a fun microgreen to grow, for its beautiful contrasting colors, and also for a blast of nutrition!  Beets are a high antioxidant plant, excellent at cleaning the liver and gull bladder, with the micros being even more dense and power packed.  They have the usual "earthy" flavor as full grown beets, but much milder, and it doesn't take over in flavor.  


Beet is slower in germinating, usually in the 6-7 day range before being exposed to light.  Some growers will soak the seed overnight to speed up the process, if you do, be sure to rinse them thoroughly before planting. Once exposed to light, beet can be harvested in about a week, but will last in the tray much longer without crowding or rot.


We've found the easiest way to harvest them is to pull out a clump at a time and just snip the roots and soil off.  Make sure seed hulls are pulled off or soak to remove as they're quite hard.  

Seeding density for beet microgreens, St Paul, MN

Seeded at a density of 6 grams per 10" x 10" tray

Beet sprouts, microgreens, Great Northern Microgreens

Seeds germinating - keep moist by spraying daily

Young beet microgreens, ready to be exposed to light, Twin Cities, MN

Ready for light at around 7 days

Mature beet microgreens, ready for harvest, Minnesota

Happy healthy tray after over four weeks 

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