Find us at local Twin Cities Farmers Markets:

The new 2022 Summer Season is gearing up!  Join us at one of our

farmers markets for fresh made Vegan microgreen smoothies, or to

pick up some amazing micros!    


We grow lots of fresh microgreens all year long!  If you can't catch us at a market, text (preferred) or email us any time to arrange an order for greens, seeds or grow kits.  If you're in the Twin Cities, it's typically no problem to meet up somewhere or do a contactless curbside drop.  We also ship our home grow kits and seed anywhere in the U.S. 

Text to: Dennis at 702-334-0863 (Don't worry, we're local in St Paul) 

Email us at:


Northeast Farmers Market

629 Second St NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


Dates we'll be there:


Every Saturday

May 14th-October 15th 

*Unless otherwise noted*  Follow us 

on Instagram for real time schedule updates

We'll have a wide selection of fresh cut

microgreens (early arrival

recommended).  We'll be making Vegan 

Smoothies fresh on the spot. 

We'll also have our starter

home growing kits, kit refill sets,

bulk seeds, and growing supplies. 


Maple Grove Farmers Market

Maple Grove Community Center

12459 Elm Creek Blvd N

Maple Grove, MN 55369


Dates we'll be there:

May 12th-October 20th

*Unless otherwise noted*  Follow us 

on Instagram for real time schedule updates

We'll have a variety of fresh cut microgreens, and we'll

be making Vegan microgreen smoothies fresh on the spot. 

We'll also have our home grow kits, refill sets, bulk seeds

and growing supplies. 


Reasons to visit:


  • Purchase fresh cut high vitamin microgreen blends; packaged and ready to eat

  • Pick up live trays of microgreens to have in your kitchen ready to harvest 

  • Learn how to grow your own microgreens, and grab a microgreen kit

  • Restock on seed for your microgreens or outside garden

  • Enjoy a fresh made healthy Vegan, Gluten Free, microgreen smoothie (weather permitting)

  • Support your local farmers and small businesses