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Blue Curled Kale

Kale micro greens, sprouts, Minnesota

Kale is an easy to grow microgreen, with a huge nutritional upside.  In warmer grow temperatures, it typically takes 7-10 days from planting to harvesting, so almost instant gratification.  In cooler temps it may take a couple weeks to maturity, and it will hold another week or two before it begins to yellow out and rot.  Kale will also grow in less than ideal lighting, and just gets a little "leggy".    


It's a nutritional powerhouse when grown as a microgreen!  Very high in Vitamins K, C, B6 & A, and also a great source of plant based calcium, lutein, and iron.  One cup of micro kale has as much calcium as one cup of milk.  


It has a very mild flavor, nothing like it's bitter mature counterpart, and can easily be added to smoothies, sandwiches and salads for a giant vitamin boost. 

Seed density for kale microgreens, Great Northern Microgreens

Seeding density at 10 grams per 10x10" tray

Blue Curled Kale microgreens, sprouts, Great Northern Microgreens

Crop of Micro Kale ready for harvest after about 10 days from seeding 

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