Broccoli is a very easy-to-grow nutrient packed microgreen!  When grown as a microgreen, broccoli is a vitamin packed super food!  High in immune boosting Vitamin C, and loaded with the cancer fighting compound sulforaphane, this plant packs a punch.  It's mild flavor and neutral taste make it versatile and easy to incorporate into any diet.  A little goes a long ways, just a handful of micro broccoli is nutritionally equivalent to almost a pound of full grown broccoli crowns.  Less fiber means the little plants are more easily digested, the nutrients are absorbed easier, and no bloating.  


Typically 7-10 days from seed to harvest, add a week or more for cooler grow environments (48-55 degrees).  Micro broccoli is a vigorous grower with very high germination rates, making one of the consistently highest yielding microgreen.   

Seed density at 10 grams per 10" x 10" tray, starting to sprout within 48 hours

Ready to be exposed to light, about 3-4 days in warm temps, 5-7 days in cooler temps

Bursting at the seems and ready to harvest


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