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What are Microgreens ?


Microgreens are considered “superfoods” meaning foods containing health promoting or disease preventing properties beyond normal nutritional values. Ounce for ounce, they provide more nutrients than any other natural food known. 


These super-food seedlings are naturally high in quality protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and have few calories and no cholesterol.


Microgreens are virtually free of fat and cholesterol, low in carbohydrates and sodium, contain only 8-38 calories per cup and depending on the variety, are packed with Vitamin’s A, C, E, and K.


What’s even more exciting is that early research is suggesting that microgreens can have up to 40 times the nutrients of their mature “big vegetable” counterparts.


    Sprouts and Microgreens; aren't they the same thing?

Sprouts are germinated seeds that are produced entirely in a contained water environment with low light conditions. Their growth doesn't involve any soil, planting, or sunlight. Unfortunately, the dark moist environments are a potential breeding ground for bacteria, thus leading to highly publicized outbreaks of bacterial contamination of packaged sprouts.   Microgreens are the next stage of the plants life cycle after "sprout" and before "baby green."  Also unlike sprouts, they are introduced to light.

   Below are some of our more popular varieties:

Broccoli Microgreens


Beet Microgreens


Mature Broccoli
Mature Beet
Descriptions of popular microgreens
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