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Cabbage, Red Acre


Red cabbage is an easy to grow and rewarding micro!  It's ideal for the beginner grower because it tolerates a wide range of growing conditions.  It also does well during the winter months when the grow space has cooler temps.  Loaded with vitamins C and K, red cabbage as a microgreen is also a vitamin A superfood!  It has a mild cabbage flavor that won't overpower any dish or smoothie, and also makes a pretty garnish.

Red cabbage typically takes around 9-10 days from seed to harvest, add a few extra days for cooler grow environments (48-55 degrees).  It also holds relatively well when mature, giving a grower more time to harvest than some micros.  

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Seeding density for red cabbage microgreens, Twin Cities, Great Northern Microgreens .jpeg

Red Cabbage seeding density for microgreens at 10 grams per 10x10" tray

Red cabbage seed just starting to sprout, Twin Cities, Great Northern Microgreens .jpeg
Red cabbage sprouts, ready to be exposed to light, Great Northern Microgreens .jpeg

Left pic is after 2-3 days, right pic is ready for light at 4-5 days.

Mature red cabbage microgreens, sprouts, Minnesota.jpeg

Mature and ready for harvest!

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