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Crimson Tide Mustard Microgreen

Mustard Seed, Crimson Tide


Crimson Tide Mustard Seed - Pretty Multi Color Microgreen, Mild Wasabi Flavor, Fast Grower


Crimson Tide Mustard is a beautiful and fast growing microgreen. It has a sometimes not so subtle Wasabi flavor to it, which is more predominant when the plant is grown in a warmer environment. The colors of the plants are more vivid in colder environments, which makes this mustard a very unique micro to grow at home.

Micro Uses:

Crimson Tide Mustard is a fantastic addition to sandwiches, any fish dish, marinades, or appetizers. The Wasabi flavor adds a shot of zing without using preservative laden condiments out of a bottle.

  • Growing Information

    1 Ounce of Seed When Used as a Micro:

    10" x 10" trays seeded (crops) = Approx 3

    Best medium to grow in = Will grow great on hydro pads or coco coir

    One crop in a 10" x 10" tray will yield = About 3 ounces of micros

    Days from seed to harvest = 8-10

    Need to soak the seed = no

  • About our Seeds

    All of our seed are always untreated, so no chemicals or preservatives - and always NON-GMO. They're also stored in a sterile, temperature controlled environment. Perfect for growing microgreens, sprouting, or in your garden.

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