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Join our New Age Farming Movement 

Give the gift of superfood greens without spending a lot of green, with our New Age Farming Microgreen Grow Kits.


With our GROW KITS you are:



Growing the most nutrient dense greens on the market. 



"According Researchers with the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) and the United States Department of Agriculture, microgreens contained 4 to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts"





Becoming more sustainable 



"According to the recent book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, if everybody in America ate just one meal of local and organic food per week, we would cut the nation’s oil consumption by 1.1 million barrels a week! "



Saving Money



"Lowest price pound for pound grow kit on the market"


"Organic is expensive to buy each week- grow your own organic salad"


Knowing what is in your food


"Although it is very tempting and not to mention convenient, to simply go to the store and buy a plastic bag of spinach, mixed greens, or arugula; by growing your own you are saving yourself and your family from ingesting countless toxins." 


"Ecotrust reports that in the United States, we are losing soil 17 times faster than it naturally regenerates. The result is that farms have to use more chemical fertilizers to replenish the soil’s nutrients."


"No GMO's, pesticides, or unknown toxins" 


Imagine if there was one grow kit in every home. With your help the New Age Farming Movement can truly make a difference! The more people growing their own food- the more healthy, non-gmo, and sustainable we all become.  


As new age farmers in Las Vegas we understand more than anyone that we don't all have:

1. Land 

2. Good growing conditions

3. Time

4. Green thumbs


Thus our grow kits were born, becoming the solution to these increasingly common growing- your- own- food obstacles.  




Below are all examples of new age farmers !

*If you would like to make the #newagefarmingmovement wall please send us a picture of you and/or your urban hydro greens kit growing.


Grow your own microgreens at home
Getting a microgreens grow kit
Microgreens New Age Farmers
Urban Farmers, Growing At Home
Fresh made microgreen smoothie
Trendy Urban Farmer
Teaching kids how to grow microgreen
Healthy Vegan microgreens smoothies
Microgreens starter grow kit
Microgreens smoothies made fresh
New Age Farmers
Fit New Age Farmers
Smoothie and a Grow Kit
Enjoying some fresh grown cat grass
Farm in a Cup
New Age Farmer
New Age Commercial Farmer
Urban Hydro Greens Grow Kit
Microgreens grown at home
Microgreens home growing kit
Grow your own greens at home
Anyone can grow microgreens at home
Kitty enjoying home grown wheatgrass
Grow microgreens in any small space
The Urban Hydro Greens Team
Soon to be Urban Farmers
Microgreens Grow Kit
New Age Farmer
Excited New Age Farmers
Urban Hydro Greens Grow Kit
New Age Farmer
Future Urban Farmer
New Age Farmers
Kit and a Smoothie
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