Onion Microgreens

Onion Seed, Nebuka Bunching


Japanese Nebuka Bunching Onion Seed - Potent Onion Flavor, Chef's Favorite


Bunching onion micros are as tasty as they are pretty! These strong flavored micros have been a restaurant favorite for as long as we've been growing them. The vibrant green stems hold the black seed hull, for a added contrast affect. This variety of micro onion typically matures from seed to harvest in about 10 days, but can be kept longer as the plants will hold up. 

Micro Uses:

Onion micros add a potent scallion flavor to a salad or sandwich, excellent in wraps as a flavor booster. Add these to anything you would normally add onion and be ready to be impressed. Reserve a few seeds for use in the garden or conatiners to grow to full size.

  • Growing Information

    1 Ounce of Seed When Used as a Micro:

    10" x 10" trays seeded (crops) = 3-4

    Best medium to grow in = More vigorous in coco coir, hydro pads are not recommended.

    Days from seed to harvest = 12-14 days

    Need to soak the seed before planting = no

  • About our Seeds

    All of our seed are always untreated, so no chemicals or preservatives - and always NON-GMO. They're also stored in a sterile, temperature controlled environment. Perfect for growing microgreens, sprouting, or in your garden.